Who has had a flat tire while out on trail on your Yamaha TW200? Did you fix it on trail or what did you do to get your bike back to a location to get it fixed? Does anyone have a war story of changing their tube trail side? Please share your story in the comments below and bonus points if you have photos!!!

Ah, the ol’ rusty nail. Nails are common out in the woods on the trail! How so? People drag wood pallets out to burn for their campfires and removing all the nails is painstaking. They go into the fire, but later the fire ash maybe shoveled around the campsite. But too, nails fall out of the bed of pickup trucks along the trail as well.

My flat tire experiences

I’ve personally had two flats on the TDUB. One front and one rear. The first one came on the front and it was on a “long-way-around-commute-home and it was a 13-mile ride on a flat front tire. I wrote about it in my TW200 thread on the TW200 forum: https://www.tw200forum.com/forum/trails-off-road-adventure-riding/46265-escapades-gcrad1-yamaha-tw200-21.html


The second flat came while doing a two day Big Bear ride and on the second day I snagged the nail on the rear tire. We tried fixing it with Slime, but it doesn’t really work like that, putting the Slime into the tube after the infraction has already been made… But, it made for great comedy as I always try to keep everyones spirits up in these situations. I knew I would be good and didn’t want anyone to feel as though they would miss out on some riding. However, there was some considerable downtime as we had a big group and I was running sweep and the lead was miles ahead.

screen capture from a Till Death Dual Us Sport of your author GCRad1 riding out of the woods on a rear flat tire.

In this video is where you will see all the comedy:

Watch the whole video and please SUBSCRIBE!!! At the 7:07-mark is where the flat-fix shenanigans begins and at 8:20’ish mark is where I start riding out on a rear flat back to town. I’m sitting as high/forward on the gas tank to take as much weight off the rear tire. Makes for some exciting riding!

I really need to take my wheels off and do a full tube change to see just how hard it will be to bust the beads off the rim by hand tools vs the tire machine at the shop. I’ve done it a few times on the XR400, but not the wide rims of the TW200.

Please share your flat tire experience, good or bad! We want to hear your story!

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2 thoughts on “FAT FLAT TIRE – Who has gotten a flat on their Yamaha TW200?

  1. Jerry Lessard 3 years ago

    Great website! I’ve been riding and racing dirt bikes for over 30 years and I just got a 2003 TW 200. It’s a fun little bike! I’ve got a lot of great tips from your website! I just got new tires, the old tires were shot! I ordered new 1 1/8 Tusk bars with risers to replace the stock bars. I’m 53 years old and I don’t want to give up my trail riding but I can’t do the speeds I used to do with my bigger bikes. I think the TW200 will be an all around great bike form me! Thanks again for the great website. I know a good one when I see it. I’m a graphic designer with over 25 years of experience. Keep up the good work! Jerry

    1. Rodney Wills 3 years ago

      Massive thank you!!! We are on the same parallels!! Thank you again for commenting and WELCOME TO THE CLUB WHERE OWNERSHIP IS MEMBERSHIP!!