TW200 Handlebars and Bar Risers

Here is a collection of the different Handlebar and Bar Riser blog post specifically for Yamaha TW200’s:

FACTORY 7/8″ HANDLEBAR SWAP + BAR RISE FOR YOUR TW200 When I first got the TW200, the first order of bar biz was to swap the stock steel bars for an aluminum bar setup in the same 7/8″ factory size, but with taller bar risers.

BAR RISERS – Aftermarket Accessories for your Yamaha TW200 If you are working on your TW200’s ergonomics, the handlebars and bar risers work in conjunction with one another and we briefly touched on bar risers in the handlebar story, thus we are diving deeper into the Bar Riser subject.

CONVERT FROM FACTORY 7/8″ HANDLEBARS TO 1-1/8″ FAT BARS ON YOUR TW200 For those of you who want to convert from the factory 7/8″ bar size to the 1-1/8″ “fat bar” size, READ ON!

HANDLEBARS – AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR YAMAHA TW200 The stock Yamaha TW200 comes with mild-steel 7/8″ handlebars and for some, these handlebars are just fine. Taller folks may like how low the stock bars are and some smaller people may find these bars suits them just fine, even while standing up on the mini dualsport motorcycle. We, humans, come in all shapes and sizes, yet the TW200 machine is manufactured in one size only – since 1987!