Oil Change & Hail Storm

As I am about to put the newly converted to tubeless rear wheel on the TW200, it needs an oil change and I want to add Ride-On Tire Sealant & Balancer before I finish the install. Here is the HOW TO TUBELESS CONVERSION video:    • TW200 Tubeless Tire Conversion –  HOW…   ••• I performed my oil change at work as I am not completely set up at the house yet for such task and from the shop (Red Line Land Cruisers), I would ride to the moto shop to get the tire sealant / balancer.

And OH MY! how quickly these storms roll into Colorado Springs! While riding home from the motorcycle shop, I would get caught in a little pellet size hail storm. With no sleeves on my person’s, I pull over and get out of the weather. Can’t wait to get this tire on and test the TDUB in tubeless mode! Well, at least the rear tire for now…